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Do’s & don’ts of choosing music for your wedding

Of course every bride and groom wants to hear music they love at their wedding and every DJ should be sensitive to that. However newlyweds should also consider what their guests will enjoy or not enjoy. We run across this time to time where the bride or groom or sometimes both will come up with an elaborate list of selections that are not mass appeal. The more focused and narrow the music list becomes the more alienated their guests will also become. Once guests have become alienated the more likely they will leave early or complain about the music. If guests are not having a good time, the newlyweds will also begin to feel the same way.

The trick to a successful event is balance and not to lean too heavily in one direction. Take for example a wedding we recently did. The bride and groom came up with a large list of music and a very large Do Not Play list. The songs the bride did not want to hear were the top 100 most popular weddings songs. Immediately that alienated most of their guests as these were the songs that they wanted to hear. In addition the groom wanted unedited versions of songs. Keep in mind they were a young hip couple but there is a thing as being to cool for the room. By playing unedited music the “high-class feel” of the reception was soon lost…especially to the older generation. That may have seemed cool to about 20% of the entire wedding party similar in age to the newlyweds but that left a majority of 80% that did not appreciate it.

Of course it’s OK to come up with a list of “must play” and “do not play” songs but keep it within reason. Think of a wedding reception as give and take. Yes it is your special day but it wouldn’t feel that way without your friends and family there to celebrate it with you. Yes you are providing food for them but they also are giving you gifts in return. Yes you are providing entertainment for them but if you don’t also think of their needs then it won’t be entertaining to them at all. The more fun they have the more fun you will have in return.

Remember this one basic rule of thumb, just because you like something doesn’t automatically mean that everyone else will. As we all know music is important, it sets the mood and it’s what makes or breaks the overall feel of any party. Just make sure you set the right mood for everyone you invite. Otherwise you might as well save some money by reducing your guest list down to just those who only like the same music as you.