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Stanley “Doc” Seaton Surprise 80th B-Day Feedback 10/6/2010 in Austin, TX

They did such an awesome job we will definitely use them again! Would not have been a party without them. They were so friendly and complied with every request! They showed up on time and everything turned out perfect!

Halloween Party DJs

Less than 2 weeks away from Halloween and we are now starting to get a lot of inquiries about playing music for ghostly parties! :-) When searching for a DJ try to plan ahead as far as possible. Weekends will always be the busiest time of the week for a DJ, especially when events like Halloween are on or near the weekend as well. Don’t wait till the very last minute, you may not be able to find a DJ. Thankfully we still have a few DJs available as of today so act quickly!

Party Props

Many Great Rate DJs clients have asked where they get specific party supplies and props for their upcoming birthday party or other event. Did you know we have a Party Store? Dancefloor Giveaways, Paper Goods, Gifts and Prizes, Favor Bags, Personalized Banners, Theme Party Items and more, you’ll find it here for your special event or from the main menu on the Great Rate DJs website, click ‘Party Props’.

How to Have an Affordable Wedding

According to a recent survey, the average cost of an American wedding is just over $27,000. This can be a significant burden on those who need to foot the bill, but it doesn’t have to be so painful. There are many steps you can take to make sure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck when planning that special day. Read More

Great Rate DJs Blog

Welcome to the blog for Great Rate DJs. We help you save money by finding the best price on a DJ!  Here you will find tips and information on DJs and planning a party, wedding or other event.  We will also write about and (if available) post photos from some of the events we perform. If you are considering Great Rate DJs for your event, we appreciate your interest. Feel free to contact us anytime with questions or to get a quote at 1-877-888-9933.  We’re online at  Thank you.